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The Iconic Blonde - Review - Confetti, Pretty but a bit of a mess.

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Have you ever felt like life can leave you feeling like a fucking mess? And all you can do to save face is kiss boys, drink vodka, and watch Ru Paul's Drag Race on repeat while hungover in bed? If this screams 'relatable content', then you need to see 'Confetti: Pretty but a bit of a mess'!

Ashy Rose is a triple threat powerhouse vocalist whose Fringe show is packed with laughter, glamour, and the harsh realities of growing up and always wanting more... and then fucking getting it!

'Confetti: Pretty but a bit of a mess' takes the audience through modern adulting in all its displeasures. From debt and cheaters to self-confidence issues and binge drinking, it's not hard that even the most put together fringe go-er can't deny that we're all just hiding how much of a fucking mess we are on a daily basis.

Ashy runs us through rewritten hits from Britney to Kesha, using pop melodies to comedically usher us through her coming-of-age musical. Songs that detail how she had a crush on her gay best friend in high school (I've crushed on many a man who didn't swing my way), or how her dating life lead to snatching a phone out of her temporary beau's hand and stashing it in the freezer for lack of attention.

Ashy's story is actually similar to mine. Growing up, I always wanted to be part of the "beautiful people", to attend the fashion shows and flirt with boys for free drinks (mainly). In high school, I was bullied like Ashy, and over the years took control over what I could, like my appearance and talents... and became the person I always looked up to. What I think Ashy does a really good job at in her show is spreading the message that you can be beautiful, inside and out, but whether you want to look like a drag queen or not, you still deserve love and to be treated with respect. 

I wear my blonde (and infamously, dyed) hair like a crown, and whether I'm in the front row or holding my hair back from the toilet bowl, being true to yourself is the most important thing when you're feeling like confetti... a fucking mess.

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