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Sam About Town - Review - Confetti: Pretty, but a bit of a mess.

Updated: Nov 3, 2019


Sam About Town was lucky enough to chat with Ashy Rose prior to her Adelaide Fringe run of performances (link below) and now we are happily sharing our review of her fabulous show.

Ashy Rose belts out the pop bangers in this fun show about learning to embrace your imperfections. The show takes us through Adelaide-born Ashy’s journey to self-acceptance, sharing her anxieties, tales of love gone wrong and personal defeats through uplifting pop songs, with her own twist on the lyrics adding lashings of comedy.

Along the way she gives a literal middle finger to those offering unsolicited ‘helpful’ advice on how to lose weight, celebrates the joy of gay friends, gets stuck into the disappointments of Tinder hook-ups and the struggles of chasing your dreams, and shares the humiliation of betrayal. It sounds heavy but it’s all played for comedy and the chance to rejoice in the songs, with several sing-along moments.

Ashy rocks the stage in enough sequins and tulle to make a Disney princess envious, and with a background in musical theatre, her voice easily fulfils the diva moments. Ultimately, this show is about being yourself and loving it, even if you are a mess. And who doesn’t need reminding of that?

Review courtesy of Sam About Town guest writer, Skye Harrison.

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