CONFETTI: Pretty...but a bit of a mess

"More pop than a freshly opened Pringles packet!" - The Upside News

Ashy Rose belts out the pop bangers in this fun show about learning to embrace your imperfections.★★★★- Sam About Town


With "more pop than a freshly opened Pringles packet" (The Upside News), Confetti is a celebration of our insecurities and flaws, adapting the songs of iconic bands such as Spice Girls, N’Sync, The Vengaboys and more. Ashy will take her audience back to the days of singing in their bedrooms with a hairbrush as a microphone, all parodied with new hilarious lyrics about finding your feet.


Ashy's true coming of age story learning to deal with unsolicited unhelpful advice on how to lose weight, low self esteem, falling in love with Gay best friends, hilarious and insane dating stories, issues with money and alcoholism, trust issues and an obsession with drag.

It’s just like Confetti, it’s being a mess but not being ashamed of it because that’s
what is truly beautiful.
Ashy Rose is a triple threat powerhouse vocalist whose Fringe show is packed with laughter, glamour, and the harsh realities of growing up and always wanting more, and getting it! - The Iconic Blonde

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